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I'm Amanda and I am a Raleigh wedding photographer!  I serve excited and enthusiastic couples with an elegant and elevated wedding photography experience! This is where I share sneak peeks from my latest weddings, engagements, and sessions! Check out my Raleigh wedding photography blog to view my latest weddings, engagements, styled shoots, tips, venues, and more!

Best of NC Weddings 2022

best of 2022 raleigh weddings

Amanda Graves Photography 2022 | A Year in Review

Oh. My. GOODNESS. I am simply floored by the fact that I get to share a BEST OF year in review for 2022 weddings. I am sharing the best of the Best of NC weddings 2022 on the blog today and I am just so excited. The opportunity and privilege to share in someone’s best day ever is seriously not lost on me. But the opportunity to share in SIX couple’s best days ever this year is seriously a dream come true. I can’t wait to show you the highlight snippets from these gorgeous, joyful, and vibrant wedding days.

In addition to photographing six weddings for my own brand I also photographed over 20 (OVER 20?! I lost count if I’m being honest) as a second photographer. I went into this year and this business with one goal: to make friends. Naturally, I wanted to photograph weddings and I wanted to build my portfolio. However, the driving factor behind those things was to build connections and make friends. And let me tell you – I have made the BEST friends. There is hardly a single photographer I’ve worked with this year who I wouldn’t recommend at the drop of a hat. They’re amazing in every way. The support, community, encouragement, laughs, advice, and genuine friendship is priceless. I photographed some amazing weddings of my own and alongside others and had a ridiculously amazing time doing so.

On a Personal Note

I left a career in teaching in March of 2022. I am needed at home by a rambunctious, joyful, and happy little threenager (Three is a WHOLE age – if you know, you know). Throughout the year we adjusted to this new normal of being a stay at home mom. If you know me you know that I am not inclined to be idle (lazy, maybe, but not idle). The decision to leave teaching was an immense one. Not a day goes by where I am not immeasurably thankful for the opportunities that led me here. I carry my former “kids” and teacher experiences with me every day and in everything I do. This photography passion project came about in an effort to bring back my creativity, to make new friends, and to discover a new purpose. I wanted a work-life harmony that allowed me to have something for me while contributing to my family. Photography has given me that. It has also opened doors and given me more than I could have wanted or imagined.

It has been an incredible journey – and the best is yet to come in all areas of my life. So thank you to my family, to my friends, to my new friends, and to my clients. Thank you for choosing me and for believing in me.

Best of NC Weddings 2022

Throughout the course of the end of 2022 I am going to be sharing a series of “best of” posts. These blog posts will showcase my amazing couples and families. From best of wedding details to best of wedding receptions I am going to highlight it ALL. It is no secret that I love sharing all of my beautiful couples and I can’t wait to round them up again for this post and blog series!

Meet the Best of NC Weddings 2022 AGP Couples

Christin and Brandon

Looking back, I am still obsessing about Christin and Brandon’s laid back, intimate wedding. I loved how amenable they were to letting me drag them around for amazing couples portraits. The energy of their family was infectious and the love they shared together to celebrate was invaluable. I especially loved taking them out at golden hour to the rooftop of a parking deck in Greensboro – they seriously belong on the cover of a magazine! Check out their full blog feature here – it is seriously stunning!

Christin and Brandon best of nc weddings 2022

Ciera and Justin

The very first AGP couple to book with me! Ciera and Justin’s wedding is so memorable to me for so many reasons. The first being that we narrowly escaped the wrath of a hurricane. We all enjoyed the absence of rain and a super beautiful day. I love the fall colors and straight up JOY between these two. I delivered an ENORMOUS sneak peek for this wedding because it was just so so hard to choose the best of the best! If you missed it be sure to check out their stunning fall wedding here on the blog!

Ciera and justin best of nc weddings 2022

Courtney and Bill

If intimate weddings were the theme for 2022 then sign me up all over again. Courtney and Bill had the sweetest small wedding in Raleigh. It was a wedding that truly reminds you who and what are the most important things on a wedding day. While we all love to fawn over insane florals and details (me? just me?) moments shared between the couple and their closest friends and family are what weddings are truly all about. I am so thankful to get to capture those moments – be sure to check out all the adorable moments of Courtney and Bill’s wedding on the blog!

Michelle and Micah

It was such a joy to bring together two families to celebrate Michelle and Micah this fall! They celebrated their marriage surrounded by their respective kiddos and their families. It was really special to see how involved and included their children were in celebrating their wedding with them. Not to mention the fact that they know a good time! Their rockin’ reception and joy-filled ceremony can be found here on the blog!

Jeannie and John

Of the several double header weekends I had during the fall wedding season – celebrating Jeannie and John’s was part of my favorite! I love how they incorporated small details into their intimate celebration in Durham. It was my first time photographing a ceremonial military tradition and I love the sharpness of the Air Force uniform. Check out their stunningly elegant estate wedding on the blog!

Jolene and Ben

Rounding out the Best of NC weddings 2022 is Jolene and Ben! I had the pleasure of closing out the year with Jolene and Ben. A rainy day turned golden for portraits – this intentional and detail-filled date was stunning. Jolene and Ben’s energy and joy are contagious. No detail went untouched and they had a fun-filled and joyous celebration. I especially love how they chose to share a first look. The pent up nerves of the day and the weather contingency plan washed away once they were together and I can’t recommend that kind of intimate experience enough! Check out their beautiful day here on the blog!

The Best is Yet to Come

2022 was a blockbuster year for Amanda Graves Photography. There are already SIX weddings on the calendar for next year not including associate weddings or as a second photographer! If you want to see YOUR wedding and your STORY here on the blog – then reach out today and inquire about your date! I would love love to hear how we can work together to bring your dream wedding to life!

December 15, 2022

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