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I'm Amanda and I am a Raleigh wedding photographer!  I serve excited and enthusiastic couples with an elegant and elevated wedding photography experience! This is where I share sneak peeks from my latest weddings, engagements, and sessions! Check out my Raleigh wedding photography blog to view my latest weddings, engagements, styled shoots, tips, venues, and more!

Best of 2022 Wedding Bouquets

best of 2022 wedding bouquets

It’s here! The Best of 2022 WEDDING BOUQUETS. Every blog I write just has more and more of my favorite things in it! If you have ever been around me on a wedding day you know there is one thing I tend to gush over. That one thing is FLORALS. I freaking love me some gorgeous flowers. It also turns out I don’t discriminate when it comes to florals and wedding bouquets. While I love photographing with fresh florals I have also photographed some really amazingly stunning faux florals this year too! My go-to bouquet shot is just a simple bride holding the bouquet in front of her shot. It is simple but so stunning. At this point everyone I shoot with knows that that is my shot – I always secure it. Thankfully most of them find my obsession lovingly amusing.

Best of 2022 Wedding Bouquets

If you are looking for wedding bouquet inspiration then look no further. I am obsessed with wedding bouquets – there I admitted it. I just love how beautiful they are! There is no shortage of bouquet combinations out there. No two bouquets are ever the same and I think that is just creative magic. I genuinely and seriously love the work of a professional florist. The best of 2022 wedding bouquets really showcases the art and creativity of wedding florists (and also some really thrifty and creative brides!). Buckle up and prepare to be blown away by these amazing creations!

Dying to show me your bouquet inspiration?

If you are planning a wedding and also GUSHING over florals then I am for sure for sure the wedding photographer for you. If you are dreaming up magical floral ideas for your wedding I want to be a part of it! So reach out today and let me live vicariously through your beautiful blooms!

December 15, 2022

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