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I'm Amanda and I am a Raleigh wedding photographer!  I serve excited and enthusiastic couples with an elegant and elevated wedding photography experience! This is where I share sneak peeks from my latest weddings, engagements, and sessions! Check out my Raleigh wedding photography blog to view my latest weddings, engagements, styled shoots, tips, venues, and more!

Dorothea Dix Park Engagement Session

Jolene and Ben

I am sooooo excited to share Jolene and Ben’s Dorothea Dix Park Engagement Session on the blog today! I have to admit I was not giving the Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh a fair shake. For the past couple of years I have only been up to the park in Raleigh for the WRAL light festival during the holidays. It is certainly hard to judge a park by its daylight savings time darkness and snowman displays.

After weeks (and weeks) of brutal heat I am so so happy to report that the oppressive heat in North Carolina has temporarily broken! The weather for this Dorothea Dix Park Engagement Session could not have been more perfect! It was warm but mild with almost no humidity. I drove through the park with my windows open and was able to enjoy all of the park’s beauty. Ben told me before the session that good weather seems to just *follow* them in their adventures in life. I should probably tell him about that good-luck bourbon burial for a rain-free wedding day just to be on the safe side right?

A Dorothea Dix Park Engagement Session

It can always be nerve-wracking to meet people for the first time. I have to say that every time I meet a new couple I am floored with how well we vibe! I love love love Jolene and Ben’s energy. It blows me away how quickly I see people settle into a certain comfort in front of my lens. Jolene and Ben were naturals and I love how Ben knew exactly how to make Jolene laugh a genuine laugh! The emotions in their photos are hardly prompted! There are so many unique and beautiful areas of the Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh and I am so lucky to have a couple who scope out the best locations ahead of time!

Oh that Raleigh Skyline!

Jolene and Ben met just a couple years ago. I had the opportunity to hear about their story from Ben, which is always so fun to hear about a love story from the groom’s perspective. I know so many weddings are the bride show but I loved hearing all of the things he loves about Jolene and their life together before the session! Brides are usually my primary point of contact when they are looking for a photographer and planning their wedding and I am always so happy to hear so much joy coming from a groom too! I especially love hearing how that the location was special to them – they had a few first date picnics on the hill overlooking the Raleigh skyline.

The level of excitement for Jolene and Ben’s wedding at Seven Paths Manor this December is *real*! If you know me, you know I have already snuck out some fall decorations. I love that Jolene is planning a fall-vibe wedding in early December! Let’s be real I am going to milk fall for everything that it is worth!

See yourself at Dorothea Dix Park?

If you think a Dorothea Dix Park Engagement Session is in your future reach out today! I would LOVE to head back up to Raleigh and capture some amazing skyline views for your engagement session! The light at the evening golden hour is gorgeous and I have to say – I would LOVE to get in a sunrise session in this beautiful location!

August 23, 2022

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