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I'm Amanda and I am a Raleigh wedding photographer!  I serve excited and enthusiastic couples with an elegant and elevated wedding photography experience! This is where I share sneak peeks from my latest weddings, engagements, and sessions! Check out my Raleigh wedding photography blog to view my latest weddings, engagements, styled shoots, tips, venues, and more!

3 Reasons to Order a Professional Wedding Album

I say this to my couples all the time: “Print your Photos! Order a Professional Wedding Album!” I’m so passionate about having tangible photo memories you can touch!

Imagine this: The dust has settled. The flowers have died. You ate all the cake and carefully stored a big chunk in your freezer to enjoy on your anniversary (and I have tips for this – be sure to ask me about it). Your wedding day was everything you could have imagined and more. The best part? There was a professional photographer there to capture every detail, every emotion, and tell your story in a way truly representative of you together. You scroll through that online gallery all the time and you have shared it with family and friends. Don’t you wish you could keep them out where you could see them all the time too?

A Professional Wedding Album puts your wedding day right in the palm of your hands.

Talk about the most beautiful coffee table book! You paid what feels like a small fortune for the best, brightest, most joyful keepsakes from your wedding. Your wedding photos are priceless. Sure, your online wedding gallery is stunning – curated to tell a story and paint a whole picture. However, a professional wedding album takes those photos offline and puts them in the palm of your hands. There is just something about being able to touch the memory that engages your senses. You can visualize and feel so much about your day through printed images. We take for granted the ability to have images at our fingertips with technology. There is nothing quite like having your images printed to bring you back to one of the best days of your life!

A printed Wedding Album is your legacy and an heirloom for your generations to come.

One of the greatest joys of my life is sharing my wedding photos with my son. He is at the age now where he is talking. He knows all the names of his immediate family members and even some extended too! I love taking our wedding album off the shelf and flipping through photos with him. Hearing him exclaim “Wow Mama! So Pretty!” and “Look Mama – Amma and Acka!” (hasn’t quite gotten Grandma and Grandpa down yet!) – it is just such a joy. I have seen wedding albums from pervious generations and oof let me tell you – they have come a LONG way. Lay-flat wedding albums are printed in crystal-clear high resolution on thicker than card-stock style pages. The care that goes into the printing and binding is incredible. I’m notorious for thinking ahead so I ask you to do the same – whether its children, extended family, or even parents/grandparents – print the photos and preserve the legacy and story of your family.

Having your wedding album done professionally preserves image quality and removes the heavy lifting!

I will not knock the big name print companies. They are great for holiday cards, affordably photo books, and other products you want to plaster pictures all over. However, when it comes to professional photos you’re going to want them printed through a professional photo lab. It can be tempting to have photos printed at the local pharmacy but be wary – they can color correct or incorrectly crop your photos leaving you less than excited to have them in your hands. My go-to recommendation for professional quality for consumers is Mpix. I use their professional branch for my client’s professional albums and I am obsessed with the quality! In addition, curating a wedding album is hard work! There are so many page layouts and organization options – it can take forever to get it just right. Leave all that hard work to the pros – your wedding photographer lives for this (I know I do! Seeing my work printed for my clients makes me stupid giddy!).

Looking for a photographer that offers album design and curation?

Well dang friend – look no further! In addition to wedding photography I also offer my couples the option to have their photos preserved in an heirloom quality legacy photo album. I use a professional print lab only. On hand, I keep a full variety of cover and paper-type samples to curate an album that is perfect for showcasing your best-day-ever. Reach out today and inquire about your date and if you mention this blog post – I’ve got a little something to entice you to PRINT. YOUR. PHOTOS.

February 8, 2023

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